Communities and campaigners to start fightback over agressive stopandsearch

Pic: Rolando Allen: Journalist & campaigner Gary McFarlene addresses a meeting at Chat’s Palace in Hackney on the fightback against stop-and-search

DESPITE the Metropolitan Police Commissioner announcing a new approach to stop-and-search in January after a report linked its aggressive and repeated misuse to the riots last year, thousands of innocent people are still being detained every week prompting concerns that the foundations are being laid for further unrest.

Police officers stop-and-search a thousand people a day in London, according to the Met’s own statistics, arresting little over ten per cent. Figures on how many are actually charged are currently unavailable.

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Hackney solicitor accuses judiciary of abandoning rule book for London riots cases

TWO weeks ago a mother and daughter charged with looting a convenience store in Clarence Road, Hackney, appeared before Thames Magistrates Courts ready to be sent to Crown Court with the spectre of a heavy sentence looming.

Instead, the case was kicked out after the prosecution requested a further two weeks to gather evidence.

It had already had five while the 38-year-old mother was held on remand and the daughter under strict bail conditions.

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Riots spread to Hackney as doubt is cast on Duggan shot first claim

CLASHES continued to spread across London today with Hackney becoming the latest district to witness unrest on the streets following the killing of an allegedly armed man in Tottenham on Thursday.

Hundreds of police in full riot gear charged crowds of mainly passive observers in Hackney’s main thoroughfare, Mare Street, this afternoon after being showered with bricks and bottles by groups of masked youths.

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