Cities must be safe and cheap, international students say

students interview each other about expensive London

students interview each other about expensive London

Paris, Melbourne and London are the most popular cities for international students to live in, according to a report out this week.

It’s easy to see how London could be up with the best of them with its arts, culture, transportation (despite what many think of it) and history, however, it was not beyond criticism.

Students listed safety, cost, transportation and convenience as the most important considerations before choosing a city to study in and it’s not difficult to guess which one London falls down on: cost.

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TfL to consult on potential Old Street roundabout land grab this year

TFL will consult this summer on plans to replace Old Street roundabout with a safer junction and work expected to commence next year, according to a TFL spokesperson.

The proposals are part of a wider scheme, Better Junctions, to make 33 dangerous junctions across the capital safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

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Proposed £900m Whitechapel Masterplan to regenerate historic district

An artist's impression of a proposed public space behind the old Royal London Hospital
An artist’s impression of a proposed public space behind the old Royal London Hospital

Plans for a £900m redevelopment of Whitechapel are set to transform the area over the next 15-years as Tower Hamlets Council seeks to take advantage of the new Crossrail station opening in 2018.

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Thousands March Against Hospital Cuts, Closures & the BBC

Thousands marched against government cuts & closures to London's hospitals

Thousands marched against government cuts & closures to London’s hospitals

Thousands of campaigners calling on the government to put a halt to the creeping privatisation of the NHS marched through London on Saturday (18th May) bringing local campaign groups together for the first time.

However, the numbers were a far cry from the reported 20,000 that marched through Lewisham in January ago against plans to close and sell off parts of Lewisham Hospital to help bail out two South London hospitals on the brink of bankruptcy due to PFI.

While local campaigns to save Lewisham, Whittington and Ealing hospitals have proved popular, speakers at the rally outside Downing Street called for a move towards a national campaign to challenge the government behind the cuts and closures.

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Communities and campaigners to start fightback over agressive stopandsearch

Pic: Rolando Allen: Journalist & campaigner Gary McFarlene addresses a meeting at Chat’s Palace in Hackney on the fightback against stop-and-search

DESPITE the Metropolitan Police Commissioner announcing a new approach to stop-and-search in January after a report linked its aggressive and repeated misuse to the riots last year, thousands of innocent people are still being detained every week prompting concerns that the foundations are being laid for further unrest.

Police officers stop-and-search a thousand people a day in London, according to the Met’s own statistics, arresting little over ten per cent. Figures on how many are actually charged are currently unavailable.

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