Focus E15 Fundraver at Rhythm Factory, Friday, 23 Jan, 2015

just defy 2015

Some of London’s leading purveyors and promoters of repetitive dance music have joined forces to raise money for the Focus E15 campaign group that attracted international headlines last year as they pushed the farcical and unnecessary housing crisis back up the political agenda.

The all-night rave at Whitechapel’s Rhythm Factory will feature some of London’s best free party DJs playing techno, acid house, jungle, dub-step, rave and whatever else takes their fancy from 10pm to 6am with entrance a bargain £5.

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New Hackney warehouse cinema gives independent film scene boost

Film archivist and programmer Josh Saco and Sam Cuthbert test run the next 16mm showing

The Hollywood Spring’s film archivist and programmers Josh Saco and Sam Cuthbert test run the next 16mm showing

There’s been some concern for the future of independent cinema in London with three of the capital’s leading venues going, gone or under threat.

The Roxy in London Bridge has changed management, the Riverside in Hammersmith is being redeveloped and the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury is up for sale.

Luckily for those living in the area, East London is bucking the trend (forgive the cliché) after an 80-seat Hackney warehouse began screening films in April and a 40-seat venue is set to open this autumn near Shoreditch.

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Terrordrama on a Friday night: interactive-art installation brings torture home

WHILE visiting an art exhibition on a Friday night for a glass of wine and a gentle meander through the gallery would usually be a relaxing way to end the week, visitors to the Bow Arts Open 2012 exhibition last night could opt to liven-up their evening with a bit of gentle torture.

More in keeping with Abu Ghraib than a Bermondsey art studio, participatory art-piece Terrordrama brings a small taste of the west’s ‘clean-torture’ tactics to those brave enough to try.

After signing a disclaimer, participants were immediately deprived of their faculties with blacked-out goggles and hands cuffed behind their back before even entering the chamber space.

That was enough for one girl who promptly backed out and handed the goggles to her boyfriend.

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Can Eurovision be a tool for change as Azeri HR activists cash in on media attention

Azerbaijan is using Eurovision to nation-brand in its bid to be the next Dubai, but at what expense?

Eurovision has long been subject to ridicule by much of western Europe with its trashy and manufactured pop considered far below our musical tastes with audiences consisting of largely excitable teenage girls and members of the gay community.

But as this year’s competition in Azerbaijan is used as a platform by human rights and pro-democracy campaigners to highlight abuses largely ignored by the western media until now, should the conscientious among us be taking it a little more seriously as a tool for change?

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London Ted talk reflects on the highs and lows of club & DJ culture

Dr Karenza Moore reveals ecstasy is still the clubbers’ choice after 20 years

IT was supposed to be a reflection on all things good about DJ and club culture; the music, the technology, the history, but journalist and blogger Joe Muggs wanted to add a touch of dark reality to the special Tedx event Redefining the DJ.

‘DJ Culture is appalling; it’s people who are just a set of cogs playing the same old tracks again and again’, he said.

The audience laughed nervously as he continued lambasting the romantic ideas of kids in a hedonistic daze believing they will find all they are looking for in a dark and sweaty room.

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