Egyptian security forces return to type as protesters violently evicted after three-week sit-in

EGYPTIAN security forces violently evicted hundreds of protesters staging a sit-in on Monday, the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, destroying their tents and property in the process.

The activists had been camped out in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, where a revolution began in January, since July 8 in protest at the slow pace of reform since former president Hosni Mubarak was ousted in February.

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Egypt’s army could rule for another year as Muslim Brotherhood take on moderating role in #Tahrir

Salfis broke with an agreement by erecting banners calling for sharia law

Salfis broke with an agreement by erecting banners calling for sharia law

The Muslim Brotherhood became the voice of moderation at a mass rally in Egypt’s Tahrir Square yesterday as tens of thousands of Salafis called for an Islamic state in a show of strength that took many by surprise.

The ultra-religious Muslims abandoned a prior agreement to keep religion off the agenda at the protest, originally billed as the Friday of Unity,  that was aimed at putting further pressure on the army leadership to implement the demands of the revolution.

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Islamists to stamp mark on revolutionary demands at Tahrir demo as tensions with leftists mount

EGYPTIAN Islamists are set to stamp their mark on the revolutionary debate that up until now has been dominated by secular and leftist groups with a mass demonstration in Cairo’s Tahrir Square today (Friday).

Islamists angered activists by building a separate stage despite calls for unity

Islamists angered activists by building a separate stage despite calls for unity

The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, who follow a more orthodox form of Islam, will acknowledge their support for the revolution while making clear their differences with liberal groups, which have occupied the square for the past three weeks.

After Friday prayer the Islamists will use the platform to send a message backing the army’s leadership, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, in its current role as the country’s president in contrast to the half-dozen revolutionary groups staging a sit-in who want to see it withdraw from public life.

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Tahrir activists come under attack during march in Cairo as army watch on

THOUSANDS of protesters calling for political change came under attack in Cairo yesterday evening as the Egyptian army watched on following a peaceful march to the Ministry of Defence.

Activists were surrounded by men, some armed with knives and batons, before being showered with rocks from the rooftops after their path was blocked by the army in the district of Abbasia.

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Call for government purge protest passes peacefully

TENS of thousands of Egyptians descended upon Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo today to call for members of the former regime to be purged from government. They also demanded that the judicial process be sped up in holding to account those responsible for the deaths of 846 protesters killed during the uprising at the start of the year. Many people feel they can not move forward as a nation until the wrongs of the past are dealt with.

The revolution is not over: Tens of thousands gather in Tahrir Square

The former president, Hosni Mubarak, oversaw a corrupt and lethargic government and brutal security forces for 30 years that has left millions in a dire state of poverty while a small business and political elite have enriched themselves. He was ousted on February 11 after an 18-day uprising but is now apparently too ill to face charges while a number of his ministers have been sentenced to up to 30 years in prison.

Elections are scheduled for September with many new parties forming under new political freedoms. But today they put their differences aside and united under one message following threats of a boycott by some groups.

The square made an impressive sight as tens of thousands got down to pray amid a sea of people, flags, banners and tents marking the start of the rally, although the numbers failed to reach the million hoped for.

Leaders from some groups have called for people to remain in the square over night as part of a planned sit-in in theory refusing to leave until their demands are met. Hundreds have already been sleeping in the square for up to a week.

Fears over clashes with security forces or so-called ‘thugs’ proved to be unwarranted at the time of writing (7pm Egyptian time) with the police and army staying out of sight and checkpoints and barriers set up by demonstrators in the streets leading to the square to check for weapons and identification. However there were a few reports on twitter that the odd person suspected of being a troublemaker being sent packing.

As the evening drew in sporadic marches of between 100 and 200 people left the square and paraded around parts of Cairo before heading back to Tahrir while others made their way home. Meanwhile reports of security forces surrounding the US embassy and government buildings indicate a return to the surrounding area by the police and army.