Focus E15 Fundraver at Rhythm Factory, Friday, 23 Jan, 2015

just defy 2015

Some of London’s leading purveyors and promoters of repetitive dance music have joined forces to raise money for the Focus E15 campaign group that attracted international headlines last year as they pushed the farcical and unnecessary housing crisis back up the political agenda.

The all-night rave at Whitechapel’s Rhythm Factory will feature some of London’s best free party DJs playing techno, acid house, jungle, dub-step, rave and whatever else takes their fancy from 10pm to 6am with entrance a bargain £5.

DJs include Jerome Hill (Don’t, Fat Hop), Louise+1 (Distant Planet), Hue Jah Fink (Dissident Island), Ronin (Headfuk), and many more who’ve been rinsing the underground and squat party scene for longer than they can remember.

All proceeds will go towards supporting Focus E15 in taking their message for better housing across London and inspiring others through direct action, PR campaigns and public speaking.

The single mums first grabbed headlines when Newham Council tried to evict them from their hostel in August 2013. Not ones to accept defeat they fought back against plans to force them out of London until the council relented and arranged one year contracts in private housing after it claimed there was no social housing available.

However a year on they occupied four empty council flats on the Carpenters Estate that was decanted/cleansed in the run-up to the Olympics to highlight the outrage of Newham residents being split up from their friends and families by the Labour Council while hundreds of decent council homes sit empty.

After accusing the Focus E15 mums of wasting taxpayers money and preventing the homes from being used by those in need, the Mayor, Robin Wales (who spent millions emptying the homes in the hope he could sell the land off to a private developer, but failed) finally put 40 of the homes back into use to house the homeless.

This utter madness is only the tip of the housing crisis iceberg. Unless you already own your own home or earn hundreds of thousands a year this crisis affects you and it’s time to start fighting back. It won’t correct itself. So look out for a local housing or private renters group near you to see how you can get involved.

Alternatively join us on the March for Homes on 31 Jan as housing networks begin to ratchet up the pressure on the politicians in the run-up to the elections.

Until then, we hope to see you on the dance floor

9pm to 6am, 23 Jan, 2015, at Rhythm Factory, 16 Whitechapel Road, E1 1EW

£5 on the door

Full Line Up

Jerome Hill (Don’t, Fathop, Kool London)
Jamie Graham (Kool London)
Louise Plus One (Distant Planet, Origin
Ronin (Headfuk, Ears to the Future)
Hue Jah Fink (Binary Feedback, Dissident Island)
Mustard Gunn ( Coin Operated)
Boycey (Too-Up)
Lo Dafoe (Senseless Records)
Rory Moronik (Distant Planet)
Gand (Deeper, Origin
JNK (Acme Soundz)
Jim Bitch
Zebedee (Restless Natives)
Bustawidemove and MC Ishu (NRFTW, Headfuk, Widedubz)
3d!T (Don’t, UglyFunk, iLL FM)
Adz (iLL FM)

just defy 2015 back

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