Cities must be safe and cheap, international students say

students interview each other about expensive London

students interview each other about expensive London

Paris, Melbourne and London are the most popular cities for international students to live in, according to a report out this week.

It’s easy to see how London could be up with the best of them with its arts, culture, transportation (despite what many think of it) and history, however, it was not beyond criticism.

Students listed safety, cost, transportation and convenience as the most important considerations before choosing a city to study in and it’s not difficult to guess which one London falls down on: cost.

A group of American students studying in London described the city as being safe, were generally positive about its transport – except the lack of a 24hr tube service, but that it is far too expensive with food, rent and travel singled out.

Although, due to the exchange rate, they said, everything is expensive – except fruit and veg with fresh produce that hasn’t been interfered with being sold as a luxury item in the States.

We spoke to a couple of US students at the Arcadia America University, near Holborn, to find out more.

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