Right wing Muslim group hold demo outside US Embassy, call for Sharia law in UK

AROUND a hundred Muslims demonstrated outside the US Embassy in Mayfair today attacking the war on terror and occupation of Muslim lands as memorial services for the victims of 911 were held around the world.

Muslim Against Crusades call for Sharia law in Britain during a demo outside the US Embassy in London to mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11

Under tight police security, members of Muslims Against Crusades, a far-right Islamic group based in Walthamstow who organised the demo, held up signs calling for an Islamic state in Britain and chanted anti-American slogans during the three hour protest.

As speakers criticised the US and UK over their foreign policy during the past ten years, the group was penned in by barriers and a police cordon as a small crowd of EDL supporters, US citizens and Muslims gathered to show their opposition.

A Muslim group calling themselves the Peacemakers held up signs that read ‘Muslims against extremists’ and ‘If you want Sharia move to Saudi’ while one held up a Rule Britannia flag with members of the EDL.

Members of a counter-protest, including US citizens, the EDL and Muslims, hold up the US and UK flags

As MAC members symbolically burnt the American flag, Anjem Choudary, a founder of the banned militant group al-Muhajiroun, said: “The burning of the US flag is symbolic of man-made law. We are not against any people or creed because Islam transcends nationalism and tribalism but we are against man-made law.

“Communism is dead, capitalism is dying and Islam is the way for revival.”

Criticising the war on terror, he said: “We face 911 everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan. We saw thousands of 911s in Baghdad and Feluja and Basra. We’ve not lost thousands of Muslims we’ve lost hundreds of thousands of Muslims.”

Abu Rayeh, the MAC spokesman, added: “The war against Muslims and Islam is not just a military war, it is ideological; economically and socially they’re attacking Islam. We are at the American Embassy to tell them we will never remain silent and that they are losing the war militarily and ideologically.”

The event was largely peaceful until the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, walked past with MAC supporters lunging towards him forcing police to intervene.

Further scuffles broke-out as the police kettled two-dozen EDL members to allow the MAC and their supporters to safely leave the area.

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