Rebel army quashes claims #Libya rebels took #Brega

THE Libyan rebel army said the eastern oil town of Braga still remains in the hands of Colonel Gadaffi forces despite claims of its ‘liberation’ last night.

The town, three hours east of the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, has swapped hands repeatedly as both sides fight over its strategic position and precious oil.

On Friday night television networks and reports allegedly from the frontline claimed the oil town had fallen much to the delight of thousands of Libyans in Tahrir Square in Benghazi.

But this afternoon (Saturday) Colonel Ahmad Bani spokesman for the Coalition of Revolutionary Forces said the interim government, the National Transitional Council, had never officially declared Brega had been taken.

However he announced that the Coalition had started a new offensive on the city at 4pm today Libyan time.

“The coming days will prove decisive,” he said, refusing to be drawn on a time frame but insisted the rebel soldiers would fight through Ramadan supported by NATO.

Separately the Colonel said Gadaffi was still getting supplies from ‘you know who’ referring to African nations such as Algeria, Chad and Zimbabwe who still support the dictator.


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